Dan Milne / Hello!

I’m a designer/ educator/ facilitator based in Eltham and Wurundjeri-willam country. I’m currently pouring most of my energy into evolving my teaching practice with deep interest in exploring living design process. I teach design at Monash and VCA, run workshops and facilitate others in design and dialogue.

TypeLab, my type design practice is no more, however my Tasman typeface is available through ReType and via Adobe Fonts. A range of past projects can be seen at Commercial Type, Pidgeon Ward, House Industries, Stuart Geddes.

I’m currently serving on the Local Food Connect committee, working towards establishing an urban farm in Eltham and developing a stronger local food system. In my spare time I’m exploring design process, tracking, ecology, reconnecting with land. I’d love to be spending more time facilitating dialogue, supporting people with design process and helping others engage with local country.

If you’re interested in connecting, do get in touch. :-)